October 30, 2011

Blog tour, day Six!

I was pretty busy on Saturday morning, preparing soup and breaded tofu for my 2pm author's event in Corvallis (which went great!), but I did still have time to go look up the day's entry in Rabbit Food Cookbook's blog tour, which was assigned to Allyson from ManifestVegan blog. Allyson has to cook gluten-free, and although I don't have special indicators in my book to point out the gluten free recipes, there is a lot of variety in the book and quite a few recipes happen to be GF. She decided to try the wassail - very season appropriate, now that it's fall!

Do I have a back story for the wassail? Of course I do! My lovely mother volunteered with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra in Indianapolis, Indiana, while I was growing up, and the Symphony held an annual holiday performance at which the volunteers raised money by selling wassail and cookies. When I was old enough to help, mom took me (and my sister) along to assist with serving. That was the only place I recall having wassail rather than typical hot cider, but I always thought the wassail was special and delicious. The main difference between the two hot drinks is the added flavors of lemon, orange, and ginger that go into the wassail. Yum!

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