May 28, 2009

Mural #2 update

Sorry to have left everyone in the dark for so long! A painting of this size is harder to photograph than my usual work. It's best to get a photo during the day when daylight is available. Also, last time I was going to do this, my camera's batteries were run down.

The far left panel is basically finished. The other three have various things to be attended to, but I am in a finishing sort of mode now! The handful of cows, some of the shadows cast by the trees, and fence posts are coming up on my agenda. (Click on the pic to see it much more close-up.)

May 1, 2009

This and that

I am currently prioritizing the mural project... so that I can get it finished! I'm closing in, but your patience is still needed! The mural #2 I'm working on is 16x4 feet of surface area, basically. (That's 64 square feet of painting). I will try to post another progress photo soon!


I'm keeping up with Beth Bee Books as well as I can, but trying not to boost sales until I can turn my attention back to more production after the mural commission is out of the way. Despite this, Occasionally my books are finding themselves being mentioned...

on Apartment Therapy Chicago!

in Italian!

on random people's blogs!