November 11, 2007

RFC on Natural Health Magazine Website

Rabbit Food Cookbook has been included in the Natural Health Magazine holiday gift guide for 2007! Unfortunately it wasn't used in the feature appearing in magazine itself, but the free publicity/advertising is appreciated anyhow. It is listed on their website in the additional "25 gifts under $25" feature: (page 3).

November 5, 2007

More Retailers and other update

Check out the "where to buy in stores" link in my Beth Bee Books section for my growing list of retailers carrying Rabbit Food! Maybe one is near you!

Also, I'm finally preparing to soup up the Blank Recipe Book/Journal and get some sweet tabs made for it, like those in the new edition of RFC. Unfortunately this may not be off the ground by xmas, but who knows? The book has moderate sales on Etsy as it is, but if I made more at once, I could get more out there. Look for updates.

November 1, 2007

New Feature - Recipe Downloads

At long last I've added downloadable pages for the new recipes (here) added in the Rabbit Food Cookbook 5th Edition! If you've got a copy an earlier edition of the book, don't miss out on the new recipes & artwork. These are also available to anyone as a sample of what's in the book. Happy cooking!