October 27, 2011

Blog book tour for Rabbit Food Cookbook - day four!

Day four in the blogosphere! Today, a review by Carrie of CarrieOnVegan.com! Carrie tried out my chana masala recipe (spicy chickpeas)! I developed the recipe to be flavorful and simple, and I think Carrie agreed.

I do have a confession to make, though. I love my full recipe, but I also sometimes bypass my list of spices, oil, and tomato paste to make a variation of my chana masala using a great prepared spice mix that includes all three. It's called Patak's Original Mild Curry Paste (Cilantro and Cumin) imported from the UK. It's my favorite short-cut version since it saves some steps in the cooking process. You can find it in health food stores and grocery "ethnic foods" aisles. Not all jars of curry taste the same, but this one is very similar to the spice combination in my recipe! Enjoy!

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