November 7, 2011

Radio interview on KLCC's Food For Thought

The other day at my local author event, I was asked for a radio interview on the spot by Laura McCandlish, one of the hosts and contributors to KLCC's Food For Thought radio program. KLCC is Eugene, Oregon's local Public Radio/NPR station. I wasn't sure when it would air, but I discovered today that the program played on Sunday, November 6th, and it is now available to stream online from KLCC's site and it's available to download for free from iTunes. I show up in the program at about minute 11.
Also featured in the show were interviews with two guests at my event who had great contributions and perspectives of their own on choosing to follow a vegan diet and making plant-based choices, plus a quick mention of the cocktails at the new local restaurant and bar, Terminus, and an interview with local Corvallis chef Intaba Liff-Anderson! Great show!

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