October 31, 2011

Rabbit Food Cookbook Book Blog Tour, last day!

Well, the blog book tour has come to its end. Today's blog is from Sarah at Vegansaurus blog. She liked the book, in general, but was dejected at the thought of using garlic powder, like, ever, under any circumstance (in main dish recipes). Well, to each her own. I call for it in some recipes to make them quicker, and in others I do call for the real thing. Sarah tried out the tofu pot pie, but suggested different ways to execute parts of the recipe, which is fine, since cooking is all about adaptation and experimentation. In my recipe's defense, though, I never have crunchy onion problems in the pot pie by following the directions as I've written them.

Well, that's all for the official tour! Hopefully there will be some more talk about the book out there on the internets to follow as more people get copies of the book in hand!

Photo from when Agnes and I made our tofu pot pies!
Um...yeah, mine is the more perfect looking one in front,
but! it was in a smaller pan and I'm more experienced with the recipe.

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